Supporting policymakers in delivering climate neutrality by 2050 through both cost-effective solutions and reliance on the internal energy market in guaranteeing post-COVID recovery.

Brussels 01.07.21: ENZA is pleased to  announce  that its members elected Jori Ringman, Director General of Cepi, the European association of pulp and paper producers. As the Chair of ENZA, Mr Ringman succeeds Euroheat & Power (EHP)’s Secretary General Paul Voss to lead the alliance.

ENZA seeks to provide for a cost-effective and pragmatic approach to sector integration to provide for swift decarbonisation across sectors. Following his election, Mr Ringman commented: “The cooperation between all energy related sectors, from production to end-users, is essential for the EU to reach climate neutrality by 2050. In these crucial years for the EU climate and energy ambitions, there is a need for a common platform for likeminded organisations to undertake coordinated action in line with the Energy System Integration Strategy.”

Mr Ringman also paid tribute to the first Chair of ENZA, and said about Mr Voss that “His Chairmanship and guidance made ENZA a reality and were instrumental in finding compromise and consensus across a broad group of 17 associations and sectors at an early stage.”

The cooperation between all energy related sectors, from production to end-users, is crucial to reach the EU’s objectives.

Working together, there is a better chance that the best policy and regulatory decisions will be made to secure a successful future for EU industries and citizens, as well as developing EU leadership on climate mitigating technologies and products.

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