Supporting policymakers in delivering climate neutrality by 2050 through both cost-effective solutions and reliance on the internal energy market.

Brussels 17.01.24: ENZA is pleased to announce that Giulia Cancian, Secretary General of European Biogas Association, is the new chair of the European Net Zero Alliance.

Ms Giulia Cancian succeeds Mr David Carpintero, Director General of ePURE. Upon taking up the post she said: “The next 6 months will be pivotal for the energy sector as EU institutions lay the groundwork for our ambitious 2040 climate and energy targets and prepare for the European elections. The European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA) assumes a vital role in assisting decision-makers to identify the most comprehensive, impactful, and cost-effective climate mitigation solutions. I am excited about assuming the role of ENZA’s next chairperson, continuing the efforts initiated by David Carpintero (ePure) and predecessors. Renewable gases, including biogas and biomethane, emerge as economically viable solutions for addressing climate change, promoting rural development, and managing waste. A technology-neutral approach to policy making and a fully integrated energy system will expedite our journey towards climate neutrality. The collaboration with diverse industries within ENZA will bring forward pragmatic solutions for achieving such goal”.

The cooperation between all energy related sectors, from production to end-users, is crucial to reach the EU’s objectives.

Working together, there is a better chance that the best policy and regulatory decisions will be made to secure a successful future for EU industries and citizens, as well as developing EU leadership on climate mitigating technologies and products.

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