Supporting policymakers in delivering climate neutrality by 2050 through both cost-effective solutions and reliance on the internal energy market.

Brussels 19.07.23: ENZA is pleased to announce that David Carpintero, Director General of ePURE is the new chairman of the European Net Zero Alliance.

Mr Carpintero succeeds Ms Aurélie Beauvais, Managing Director of Euroheat & Power. Upon taking up the post he said: “The EU needs to be open to a broad range of carbon-abatement technologies to achieve its climate goals – embracing all sustainable solutions. That’s what ENZA is all about, and why I’m so excited to be its next chairman, carrying on the great work that Aurelie Beauvais and others have done since our Alliance formed in 2021. Renewable ethanol is already making a positive impact in the transition to a carbon-neutral Europe, with continually increasing GHG savings and new innovations in the capture and re-use of biogenic CO2. But it has the potential to do even more in the coming decades with legislation that ensures technology-openness and policies that are consistently applied across sectors. I look forward to working with the other sectors in ENZA to help accelerate Europe’s drive to net-zero.”

The cooperation between all energy related sectors, from production to end-users, is crucial to reach the EU’s objectives.

Working together, there is a better chance that the best policy and regulatory decisions will be made to secure a successful future for EU industries and citizens, as well as developing EU leadership on climate mitigating technologies and products.

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