ENZA presents the “To Net Zero with” series explaining system integration!

To Net Zero with… Hydrogen Europe, EUTurbines & EUGINE


This video explores the uses of hydrogen for long term storage in a decarbonised world.

📌 With Stephane Pirotte on behalf of Hydrogen Europe, Maria João Duarte on behalf of EUTurbines & Ralf Wezel from EUGINE and EUTurbines

To Net Zero with…Euroheat & Power, Solar Heat Europe & European Biogas Association


This video explores how the scale-up of renewable and low carbon gas hold high potential for decarbonisation using existing systems and infrastructure, towards a successful renewable transition.

📌 With Aurélie Beauvais from Euroheat & Power, Pedro Dias from Solar Heat Europe (ESTIF) & Giulia Cancian from European Biogas Association

To Net Zero with… Bioenergy Europe, COGEN Europe & Cepi


This first video explores how bioenergy, BECCS, and cogeneration hold high potential for decarbonisation and competitiveness, towards a real green deal for EU industries.

📌 With Irene di Padua from Bioenergy Europe, Alexandra Tudoroiu from COGEN Europe & Małgosia Rybak from Cepi.