ENZA presents the “To Net Zero with” series explaining system integration!

To Net Zero with… CEWEP, Cepi, and ePURE


This video explores the importance and potential of CCUS, especially using biogenic CO2.

📌 With Fabio Poretti from CEWEP, Małgosia Rybak from Cepi, and Craig Winneker from ePURE

To Net Zero with… Euroheat & Power, EUTurbines and EUGINE


This video explores the importance of system integration and flexibility in the energy system infrastructures such as storage, grids and flexible generation.

📌 With Aurélie Beauvais from Euroheat & Power and Ralf Wezel from EUTurbines & EUGINE

To Net Zero with… COGEN Europe, EBC – European Builders Confederation & Eurogas


This video explores the skills aspect of the Net-Zero Industry Act and its importance in meeting the climate ambitions.

📌 With Alexandra Tudoroiu from COGEN Europe, Fernando Sigchos Jiménez from European Builders Confederation EBC, and Bronagh O’Hagan from Eurogas

To Net Zero with… Hydrogen Europe, EUTurbines & EUGINE


This video explores the uses of hydrogen for long term storage in a decarbonised world.

📌 With Stephane Pirotte on behalf of Hydrogen Europe, Maria João Duarte on behalf of EUTurbines & Ralf Wezel from EUGINE and EUTurbines

To Net Zero with…Euroheat & Power, Solar Heat Europe & European Biogas Association


This video explores how the scale-up of renewable and low carbon gas hold high potential for decarbonisation using existing systems and infrastructure, towards a successful renewable transition.

📌 With Aurélie Beauvais from Euroheat & Power, Pedro Dias from Solar Heat Europe (ESTIF) & Giulia Cancian from European Biogas Association

To Net Zero with… Bioenergy Europe, COGEN Europe & Cepi


This first video explores how bioenergy, BECCS, and cogeneration hold high potential for decarbonisation and competitiveness, towards a real green deal for EU industries.

📌 With Irene di Padua from Bioenergy Europe, Alexandra Tudoroiu from COGEN Europe & Małgosia Rybak from Cepi.